Your 1st eBike purchase – what to know

eBikes come in many forms, sizes and types. Your purpose for riding, your budget, your size and other factors will all come into account when choosing an eBike. Let’s start with the fundamentals of what an eBike is. eBikes are simply a bicycle with a motor system installed. The motor system can be built into the bike at the factory or can be a conversion. Factory eBikes in general are more expensive than a conversion bike.

Motor systems- at Beach eBike all of our motor systems are either eBikeling or Bafang

Mid Drive – A mid drive motor system is when the motor is in the center hub of the bike. The advantages of mid drive systems are typically they are more powerful and offer more torque which is why all of the Fat Tire Beach bikes we build have a mid drive motor.

Rear Hub Drive – Rear hub systems are most common due to being the most economical and there is less slip associated with front hub systems.

Front Hub Drive – Front hub systems are ideal for the three wheel adult trikes that Beach eBikes builds and sells. Front hubs disadvantage is the wheel can slip upon take off. Front hub systems from eBikeling are top of the line.

PAS – As you pedal the motor will engage for what is called “Pedal assist” It’s important to know that you can gear your eBike so that you can still get nice exercise while still having electric assist.

Throttle only – If you are climbing a big hill or simply want a brake from peddling you can go throttle only however your battery life will go down versus PAS.

eBike batteries – A typical eBike battery should last 3-5 years. Batteries are Lithium ION and charge typically in 3-4 hours. All of the batteries Beach eBIkes sells will charge to full and the charger will disengage for overnight charging.

Range – The range on a full charge is all dependent upon rider size, payloads, terrain, PAS or throttle. Typical range is 20 miles give or take.

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